We have owned Irish Wolfhounds for 20 years and have imported some fabulous dogs from various kennels in Europe to widen our gene pool and to help improve our breeding dogs.   The Irish Wolfhounds are very happy to live with the Newfoundlands and unless we have girls in season all of our dogs mix together on a daily basis.  You will often find the Irish Wolfhounds just lazing about after they have had their burst of energy, which doesn't last long.  Irish Wolfhounds are a very lazy breed and like to be around you and be with you whatever you are doing.   The Irish Wolfhound is the biggest of all dog breeds that are very faithful and sensitive.  They very rarely bark, maybe a couple of loud woofs when a visitor arrives but that is about it.  However, howling is something that Irish Wolfhounds like to do with great passion, and quite melodiously, once they get started.  It always amazes me that one of them will start, they all join in and they all stop at the same time !  


An Irish Wolfhound is not the kind of dog that anyone should have if they are just going to feed, exercise and then ignore the puppy.  They do not like to be left on their own for long periods of time and nobody should have an Irish Wolfhound if they are not prepared to devote time and thought to rearing them in the correct way.

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