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Debra R Greenwood : Breeder of Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds 


BARACHOIS KENNELS was started in the year 2005 from a deep passion that still endures today, after all these years it continues, day after day, to give us a strong enthusiasm for what we do.  

This webpage is dedicated to all of our dogs, our small contribution of our love towards them.  We are here to tell you the history of Barachois and is thanks to them who have given life to the Barachois story.  

Allow us to present our dogs, showing you the great respect and esteem in which we hold for them, our enthusiasm, our passion, our seriousness and our professionalism is what have made us successful into our 17th year of breeding.  This is our way of breeding and the only way that we know, founded on a deep respect and love for our dogs.  An authentic love for them that springs from the heart.  


BARACHOIS KENNELS- are professional experienced breeders of Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds. We are a fully Licenced Kennel as per the new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 and have been for over 10 years. 



Our vet is always on call 24/7 365 days a year if needed.   Ed Bulman of Mile House Veterinary Centre has been our vet for over 18 years.



Our Cardiologist Antonio Moneva-Jordan Cert VC,MRCVS also visits us on a regular basis to do the heart testing on our dogs, this is done at home so the dogs are more relaxed and happy. Again Antonio has had a professional relationship with Barachois Kennels for nearly 17 years.



For Barachois temperament is paramount, followed by health and then excellence in type and construction. 



If you are considering owning either a Newfoundland or an Irish Wolfhound and would like any help or advice we welcome your enquiry.  Visitors are most welcome, by appointment only.

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